Modal contribution at variable speed (plot_VS_ASWL_modal_cont)

Post-processing documentation
Matlab commandplot_VS_ASWL_modal_cont
Module VS.pp
Description PLOT_VS_ASWL_MODAL_CONT plots the variable A-weighted sound power level with the contribution of each structural mode


This unique MANATEE software post processing calculates the acoustic noise level when cancelling the effect of a given structural mode to quantify the modal contribution to magnetic noise in electrical machines. It gives the following graph on default simulation project:

Structural mode contribution to A-weighted SWL
Structural mode contribution to A-weighted SWL

In this example one can see that the noise radiation mainly comes from the ovalization of the stator stack. In some cases several resonances occur and the conclusion is more complex (e.g. equal contribution of two modal shapes).

This graph allows identifying which structural modes are involved in airborne acoustic noise radiation of electrical machine.

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