MANATEE automated coupling to FEMM

Besides the possibility to import the electromagnetic results from third party software, MANATEE is also coupled to FEMM, a free finite element 2d non-linear electromagnetic software.

This means that the geometry & physics of an electrical machine defined using MANATEE GUI can be exported, solved and post-processed using some external electromagnetic software.

The coupling with FEMM includes in particular:

  • automated analysis of electromagnetic symmetries depending on topology and load state
  • automated build of lamination geometry including windings, magnets, wedges and ventilation ducts, for both inner and outer rotor topologies
  • automated assignment of all physical properties including non linear B(H) curves, and boundary conditions independently of rotor to stator positions
  • automated meshing with the possibility of user-defined mesh refinement
  • automated solving and post processing (torque, energy, airgap flux, flux linkage)
  • handling of many electric machines topologies (e.g. induction machines, surface, interior or inset permanent magnet synchronous machines, inner and outer rotor)
Electrical machines automatically defined in FEMM by MANATEE
Electrical machines automatically defined in FEMM by MANATEE

MANATEE can also call FEMM for the calculation of

  • interior permanet magnet rotor magnetomotive force (for permeance/mmf model) or equivalent magnetization coefficients (for subdomain model)
  • saturated slot permeance
  • magnetic wedge permeance
  • slot leakage inductance
  • magnetizing inductances

This module is built in Matlab and can be ordered separately from other MANATEE modules.

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