Electrical Equivalent Circuit for PMSM (EL.PMSM)

MANATEE software e-NVH electrical models
Sub-module EL.PMSM
Function Equivalent Electrical Circuit for PMSM
Validation EL_SPMSM_001
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The electrical module EL.PMSM of MANATEE for permanent magnet synchronous machines calculates the following quantities based on stator and rotor voltages:
- stator and rotor currents in Id and Iq frame
- average electromagnetic torque, active and reactive power
- power factor and efficiency


These calculation are done using an Equivalent Electrical Circuit extended to all harmonics (PWM time harmonics and back emf space harmonics):

30. Permanent magnet synchronous machine equivalent electrical circuit
Permanent magnet synchronous machine equivalent electrical circuit

Without harmonics and without iron loss the fundamental equivalent circuit that is used is:

30. PM synchronous machine equivalent electrical circuit (simplified)
PM synchronous machine equivalent electrical circuit (simplified)

The elements of the equivalent circuit include
- stator resistance including skin effect
- stator leakage inductance including skin effects
- magnet flux linkage
- magnetization inductance
- iron loss resistance

The stator resistance is calculated using analytical geometrical model of the stator conductors, handling both random and formed windings, and any winding type. Some analytical skin effect factors are used depending on the conductor shape and arrangement.

The stator leakage inductance can be calculated analytically or numerically using FEMM.

The inductances along d-axis and q-axis can be calculated analytically without saturation, or numerically using non linear magnetostatic simulation under FEMM.

The fundamental back electromotive force (emf) can be calculated using semi analytical models or FEMM. For more details please refer to the back emf calculation article.

The saturated B(H) curve can be defined using numerical values in a .txt file, or using an analytical model. The analytical model can be fit to a given B(H) curve using a GUI interface. For more details please refer to the B(H) curve setup article.

All the parameters of the fundamental equivalent circuit can also be enforced by the user if necessary.

Graphical post-processing

The complete list of plot commands is available on MANATEE plot commands webpage. The following visualizations are more particularly related to this module: