WF.DV e-NVH predefined simulation workflows

MANATEE software e-NVH Simulation Workflows
Sub-module WF.DV
Function e-NVH pre-defined simulation workflows along e-machine development cycle
See also WF.BS e-NVH basic simulation workflow


This module of MANATEE speeds-up simulation model set-up by using predefined simulation workflows adapted to specific applications (e.g. EV HEV NVH).


MANATEE pre-defined simulation workflows automatically use the modelling level and graphical post processing the most adapted to electrical machine topology and different stages of V-model electrical machine development cycle, from early design phase to detailed design phase.

Examples of worflows include: cogging torque, torque ripple, bemf, flux linkage maps, e-NVH along torque speed curve using semi analytic electromagnetic & vibroacoustic models in open circuit/full load with sine current/PWM, e-NVH along torque speed curve using Load Interpolation Algorithm coupled to FEMM, e-NVH along torque speed curve refined with Electromagnetic Vibration Synthesis calling third party FEA structural model, e-NVH along torque speed curve refined with Electromagnetic Noise Synthesis calling third party acoustic model, etc.

The complete list of MANATEE simulation workflows is available here:

Graphical post-processing

The complete list of plot commands is available on MANATEE plot commands webpage.



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