RCA.FILT Harmonic filters for e-NVH diagnosis

MANATEE software e-NVH Root Cause Analysis solutions
Sub-module RCA.FILT
Function Harmonic filters for e-NVH diagnosis
See also RCA.HARM Analytic harmonic analysis for e-NVH troubleshooting
RCA.PLOT Graphical post-processing for e-NVH root cause analysis


Noise and vibration generation in electric motors involves many different excitation sources (rotor and stator field, space and time harmonics, etc) which are difficult to discriminate in the final result of a standard simulation.

With this module of MANATEE software specialized in electric motor noise analysis, it is possible to filter any physical quantity harmonics involved in noise generation (permeance, mmf, flux, force, vibration, noise) to speed-up NVH issues diagnosis. As an example, the impact of concentrated winding harmonics on noise can be studied easily.


The module allows to cancel a specified group of harmonics in radial/tangential Maxwell stress, radial/tangential flux density, rotor/stator magnetomotive force, rotor/stator permeance to check their impact on e-NVH.

It includes a fully automated harmonic analysis using default harmonic sources (PWM time harmonics, stator/rotor field space harmonics, stator/rotor slotting harmonics).

Combined with RCA.HARM, allows to filter non physical harmonics coming from meshing ripple when importing third-party electromagnetic software results.

Graphical post-processing

The complete list of plot commands is available on MANATEE plot commands webpage.



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