ROB.NFREQ Dispersion of natural frequencies

MANATEE software e-NVH Robust Design Solutions
Sub-module ROB.NFREQ
Function Dispersion of natural frequencies
See also ROB.FAULT Electromechanical tolerances and faults simulation


There is always an uncertainty on natural frequency calculations due to the structural complexity of electric motor stacks. Besides, production tolerances also induce a dispersion of the structural modes of electrical machines. It is therefore important to be able to rank the vibroacoustic behaviour of different designs including potential variations of natural frequencies.


This module of MANATEE software specialized in e-motor NVH simulation and troubleshooting automatically includes in all vibro-acoustic calculations a variation on the structural natural frequencies (e.g. +/- 10%) to make robut NVH design of electrical machines.

Graphical post-processing

The complete list of plot commands is available on MANATEE plot commands webpage.



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