ROB.FAULT Electromechanical tolerances and faults simulation

MANATEE software e-NVH Robust Design Solutions
Sub-module ROB.FAULT
Function Electromechanical tolerances and faults simulation
See also ROB.NFREQ Dispersion of natural frequencies


This module of MANATEE software specialized in electric motor NVH virtual prototyping performs electromagnetic calculations under faulty conditions or including manufacturing tolerances. Variations of dimensions and magnetic material characteristics can significantly influence the noise level of electrical machines. It is common to find +/-10 dB variation out of a electric motor production line.


This module allows MANATEE to include manufacturing tolerances and fault simulation when calculating magnetic loads such as:

  • static and dynamic 3D eccentricities along a particular axis
  • uneven airgap due to non circular lamination bore radius
  • uneven magnetization
  • uneven pole displacement
  • current unbalance (magnitude, phase)
  • stator short circuit
  • broken bar

The NVH assessment NVH of geometrical and magnetic asymmetries is both useful at design stage (to specify tolerances) or after manufacturing (to troubleshoot noise issues, or to perform condition monitoring). Part of faults can be applied even when importing flux density with IO.FLUX (e.g. outer structure ovalization, and eccentricities), without the need to carry electromagnetic calculations without symmetry.

Graphical post-processing

The complete list of plot commands is available on MANATEE plot commands webpage. The following visualizations are more particularly related to this module:



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