LAB.COMP Comparison of simulation projects

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Sub-module LAB.COMP
Function Comparison of simulation projects
See also LAB.MCO Multi-objective Constrained Optimization
LAB.SA Sensitivity analysis and parameter sweep
LAB.MDE Multidimensional Design Explorer


Designing an electrical machine requires to quickly compare different design characteristics. This module of MANATEE software allows to easily compare different existing simulation projects, check the influence of a given simulation parameter, or check of the effect of an electrical machine change on the main multiphysic outputs.


This module of MANATEE software makes it easy to set-up, run and post processing a batch of simulations to be compared.

This module can be used on any MANATEE simulation mode (fixed speed, variable speed) including optimization.

It can be used to quickly vary a simulation input parameter (e.g. eccentricity level) or vary the electrical machine object as as simplified parameter sweep. It can be also used offline to compare different simulation projects that have already been run. Key simulation multiphysic outputs are automatically compared, at fixed speed or variable speed.

Example of MANATEE comparison graphical post processing
Example of MANATEE comparison graphical post processing

Graphical post-processing

This module contains its own built-in graphical commands.

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