ALG.ENS Electromagnetic Noise Synthesis

MANATEE software e-NVH algorithms
Sub-module ALG.ENS
Function Electromagnetic Noise Synthesis
Validation TBC
See also ALG.EVS Electromagnetic Vibration Synthesis
ALG.LIA Load Interpolation Algorithm
ALG.LEA Load Extrapolation Algorithm


The accurate calculation of noise and vibrations of electric powertrains requires to evaluate their NVH behaviour at variable speed, taking a high number of speed steps to correctly catch structural resonances. This usually represents a high computational load, as dynamic vibroacoustic calculations must be carried at each speed.

MANATEE Electromagnetic Noise Synthesis (ENS) algorithm aims at speeding up computation of acoustic noise at variable speed or during optimization loops in detailed design phase of e-motors (based on a 3D FEA structural and acoustic model).


This module is the equivalent of ALG.EVS for acoustic noise. It speeds up magnetic noise calculations while giving more physical insights by applying elementary electromagnetic loads in radial & tangential directions on the vibroacoustic model, calculating the acoustic Frequency Response Functions and synthesizing the overall acoustic response under operational loads. The vibroacoustic FEA model must exist under Actran. ENS is particularly useful when a high number of operational loads have to be calculated, for instance in variable speed calculations (e.g. NVH maps on torque speed plane) or in optimization mode (e.g. pole shaping).

Technical details

For further technical details, please see our dedicated article on Electromagnetic Noise Synthesis.

Rotating wave noise synthesis
Rotating wave noise synthesis
MANATEE ENS algorithm for fast EV HEV NVH calculations

Graphical post-processing

The complete list of plot commands is available on MANATEE plot commands webpage. The following visualizations are more particularly related to this module:

  • order tracking analysis per load case
  • vibration or noise level of a specific harmonic for each load case



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