Multi-dimensional design space explorer (OP.MDE)

The multi-dimensional design space explorer is a data visualization tool for the efficient exploration of multidimensional design spaces. It is part of the optimization modules of MANATEE software specialized in the electromagnetic and vibro-acoustic design of electrical machines. It can be used after a sensitivity analysis or an optimization. It has been initially developed for the design optimization of electrical machines, but it can be used independently of MANATEE for general design space exploration.

The MulSim viewer can be called in Matlab command line using plot_MS_viewer. It contains by default a 3D scatter plot called "control window" and three 2D projections of the 3D scatter plot. The following dimensions are available:

  • design variables
  • response variables
  • constraints

In total one can visualize 5 dimensions on the same plot by using the 3-axis position, the colour of the point and the size of the point. One can easily define some filters on any dimensions to add a posteriori constraints on the design space (e.g. electrical machines with stack length lower than 100 mm, with efficiency above 80%, with temperature below 130°C).

Some points can be marked to identify the position of a design in the four representations (the four Pareto fronts for optimization). The current cloud of points can be exported back in Matlab.

multisim viewer

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