MANATEE software specialized in the calculation of noise of electric motors due to electromagnetic excitations is split in several independent modules:

  • e-NVH simulation workflows (WF.X) to have predefined simulations adapted to development cycle of e-machines
  • e-NVH variable-speed solutions (VAR.X) to ease calculations on whole operating range
  • e-NVH algorithms (ALG.X) to speed-up calculations and give more physical insights
  • e-NVH root cause analysis solutions (RCA.X) to quickly identify the origin of noise and vibration issues
  • e-NVH mitigation solutions (SOL.X) to easily implement noise reduction actions
  • e-NVH robust design solutions (ROB.X) to carry NVH design including faults and asymmetries
  • e-NVH import export solutions (IO.X) to ease MANATEE integration in existing simulation & testing workflows
  • e-NVH laboratory (LAB.X) to carry design comparisons, parameter sweep and optimization
  • e-NVH control solutions (CT.X) where most common commutation strategies are predefined

The following e-NVH models are available in MANATEE:
- Electrical and control modules (EL)
- Electromagnetic modules (EM)
- Structural mechanics modules (SM)
- Acoustic modules (AC)
- Optimization modules (OP)