Which files are readable?

Most of the scripts cannot be read, they are hidden as “pcode”: the Matlab script extension is therefore .p instead of .m, these files cannot be modified by the user. The following files are left as .m to be modified by the user:

List of MANATEE readeable files
MachineData/default_machine.m Default machine input data
Projects/default_proj.m Default simulation input data
Plots/Commands/plot_all.m Plot all the possible graphs (>120 windows)
Plots/Commands/plot_init.m Initialize Input.Plot
Geometry/comp_geoconst.m Calculates the geometrical constraints
MaterialData/init_material_library.m Material library

The user can also add new electrical sheet data as .txt file (e.g. M400-50AJ.txt in MaterialData folder). Calculated angles must be input in a specific .xlsx Excel sheet as per PWM_CA_template.xls in the folder Electrical/PWM/PWMData/. A few additional scripts are left as .m files for convenience, such as tutorial files in /Projects/Demo/ and /MachineData/Demo.

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