How to use the material library?

What is the material library ?

Before MANATEE v1.06.01, when defining a machine material the user had to enter every relevant parameters (around 10 for a lamination material, entered twice if the rotor and stator use the same material) in every machine file. Then, changing the characteristics of the material would imply to edit every single machine files with a high error risk (forgetting a file, a parameter...).
To simplify this process, we have created the material library: a script that gather all your material to declare them only once. Then, in the machine file, you simply select the material inside the library (to set the lamination material, there is now only one parameter).

How does the material library works ?

Before interacting with the material library with the GUI, you need to understand how it works inside MANATEE. The material library is a script that you can find at "Manatee_path"\MaterialData\init_material_library.m

Material library script
Material library script

As you can see, this script create an ordered cell array, named Input.MatLib, containing the material structure. This cell array is created at the beginning of run_MANATEE. Then inside the machine script, you can find these parameters :

Input.Material.mat_lam1 = 'M400-50A';
Input.Material.mat_wedge1 = 'Wedge';
Input.Material.mat_wind1 = 'Copper1';
Input.Material.mat_lam2 ='M400-50A';
Input.Material.mat_wind2 = 'Copper2';
Input.Material.mat_mag = 'Magnet1';
Input.Material.mat_scr = 'Copper2';
Input.Material.mat_frame = 'Steel1';

After the initialisation of Input.MatLib, all these parameters will be overwritten by their corresponding material structure (then will return 2500).
To make this process works there are several hypothesis :

  • All these material exist in the material library under these names
  • The materials have unique names
  • All the relevant material parameters have been defined
  • For lamination materials, the corresponding data file exist with the corresponding names (for instance, M400-50AJ.txt, M400-50AsatJ.txt, M400-50AW.txt).

Note that you can also select your material with the id inside the material library (Input.Material.mat_lam1 = 2; will select the second material aka M400-50A). We strongly recommand to use names to select your materials to avoid errors (deleting or adding materials can change the material id). Declaring material as MatLib id is useful in only one case: sensitivity study on material.

Material library and GUI

With the GUI, you can interact with your material library without having to edit the init_material_library.m script. In every machine GUI pages where it is relevant, there is a button "Edit Materials":

Lamination parameters setup page
Lamination parameters setup page

Clicking on this button will open the Material Library GUI:

Material Library GUI
Material Library GUI

This GUI allows you to search the material you need for your machine. When you select a material, all its parameters are displayed. There also are searching tools to filter material for lamination, magnet or by name for instance.
You can also edit your material in a more convenient way or create new ones with the buttons "Edit" and "New from":

Edit material GUI
Edit material GUI

As usual, as long as you haven’t validated your changes your material library won’t be modified. Please note that when you change a material, you change it for all the project that use it. The save button will overwrite your init_material_llibrary.m script so be careful.

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