How to use MANATEE GUI to define an electrical machine?

Before reading this article, make sure you have read "What is MANATEE GUI?". It will warn you on some common mistakes with the GUI. You can also read "How to use MANATEE GUI to define a simulation ?" that contains some general information that are also relevant for the machine setup (tooltip for instance).

Editing a Machine

To edit (or visualize) a machine with the GUI, you first need to run Manatee_GUI.exe (in the GUI folder, exactly like for the simulation). In the top-right corner of the simulation window there are 3 buttons (the bottom ones) to define the simulation’s machine geometry.

GUI main window buttons
GUI main window buttons
  • The first one allows you to select a machine file for the simulation.
  • The second one opens the machine setup GUI with the current machine values
  • The last one opens the machine setup GUI with an empty machine to create a new one from scratch.

Machine workflow

Contrary to the project, you must respect a certain order for defining the geometry and physics of an electrical machine. For instance, to be able to plot the stator slot (useful at step 4), we need the stator lamination dimensions (entered at step 2). That’s why there is a navigation menu on the left of the machine setup GUI, and some steps are not available until you have filled the corresponding parameters. For instance when creating a new machine, only the step 1 "Machine Type" is available:

120. Machine setup GUI (new machine)
Machine setup GUI (new machine)

This first step allows you to select the machine typology. The image is only an illustration and not a preview of your machine. When you change the machine type, a new "empty" machine is created with all its values are erased. Note that the workflow changes according to the machine type. For instance, the step "Rotor bar" is only available for SCIM machines. For every machine type on the last step page, there is a button "preview" to display the final view of machine.

120. Default machine preview (Rotor bar page)
Default machine preview (Rotor bar page)

Changing machine type

Note that some simulation parameters are machine dependent. To be more precise, if an induction machine (SCIM or DFIM) or a synchronous machine (SPMSM, IPMSM, WRSM) is selected some parameters inside Worklow and Electrical panels may change (for instance, slip is only defined for induction machines). So if you change the machine type of a simulation project, make sure that your simulation parameters are still relevant.

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