How to use a Matlab/Simulink model to generate phase voltage waveforms?

A user-defined Simulink block can be used to generate the phase voltage waveforms applied to MANATEE equivalent circuit. The Simulink model (.slx file) is defined by the name


The model is called in the comp_PWM_voltage script where Input and Output MANATEE variables are accessible. This means that if you use Input.Simu.Vdc1 (DC bus voltage of stator winding) in a Simulink block it will work. The output of your Simulink model must be three phase-to-phase voltage waveforms called v_pwm1, v_pwm2 and v_pwm3. These outputs must return "Array" data (and not "Timeseries").

The call of the Simulink model is activated using:

Input.Simu.type_gensupply = 2

An example of Simulink model of an intersective PWM (symmetrical or asymmetrical, with deterministic or randomized carrier) is provided in /Electrical/PWM/pwm_inverter.slx:

Intersective PWM with Simulink

An example of phase to phase waveform obtained with Simulink is given by:

Phase to phase PWM waveform with Simulink

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