How to setup the mechanical boundary conditions?

Idealized boundary conditions can be applied to the stator lamination in the analytic or FEA-based mechanical model (e.g. concept stator built by MANATEE under Ansysor Optistruct). The following boundary conditions are available:

  • Free (0)
  • Clamped (1)
  • Simply supported (2)

To set the boundary condition you have to concatenate the two corresponding digits and edit your project file :

Input.Simu.type_mechBC = 12;

In this example "12" means that one end is "clamped" (1) and the other one is "Simply supported" (2). Note that MANATEE considers that, for instance, 12 is the same boundary condition as 21.

These boundary conditions are used for the FEM computation of natural frequencies and FRF calculations.

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