How to setup a modal analysis TCL generation?

Starting from v1.06.02, MANATEE includes a TCL code generator. This feature enables to automatically run a modal analysis using HyperMesh/Optistruct, including orthotropic characteristics of electric motors.

First you need to copy/paste the template located in Mechanics\HyperMesh\Projects\default_TCL_gen.m. To activate the simulation generation you need to set:

Input.Simu.HM.is_simu_gen = 1;

For the modal analysis setup, you only need two Load Collector. The first one is Eigrl, to setup the frequency boundary of the analysis. There are two way to set this load collector:

Input.Simu.HM.freq = [10,2000];
Input.Simu.HM.ND = 50;

will create the Load Collector with fmin=10, fmax=2000 and ND=50.

Input.Simu.HM.Eigrl_id = 12;

will enforce the use of an existing Load collector (of index 12).

The second Load Collector is for the Boundary conditions. You need to set:


It works in the same way as for the FRF simulations.

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