How to set-up the magnet magnetization?

For permanent magnet machines, MANATEE provides three magnetization types:

  • Radial (0)
  • Parallel (1)
  • HallBach (2, only available in subdomain model for the moment)

The corresponding variable is in the machine file:

Input.Magnetics.type_magnetization = 0; %radial magnetization

Starting from MANATEE v1.06.02, this parameter is available in the GUI on step 10 "Rotor Magnet".

Although the magnetization is taken into account in all models, the only way to visualize it in MANATEE is to run a FEMM simulation:

Input.Simu.type_Bmodel =2;

For instance here is the tutorial SPMSM machine with radial and parallel magnetization:

Polar magnetization
Polar magnetization
Parallel magnetization
Parallel magnetization
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