How to set-up Slot Type 52?

Slot type 52 schematics
Slot type 52 schematics

Slot Type 52 can be used only as slot for the inner rotor of an Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (IPMSM).

To set up a slot type 52 you need to replace the rotor slot geometry bloc in your machine file by this code and edit it with your values :

Input.Geometry.type_slot_shaper = 52;       

Input.Geometry.H0r = 1e-3; %[m]
Input.Geometry.H1r = 1.5e-3; %[m]
Input.Geometry.H2r = 30e-3; %[m]
Input.Geometry.W0r = 12e-3; %[m]
Input.Geometry.W3r = 14e-3; %[m]

Geometrical constraints

Your slot must follow these constraints :

  • H2 < H1

First release

Slot type 52 is introduced in MANATEE v1.05.02

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