How to set-up Slot Type 26?

Slot 26 schematics
Slot 26 schematics

Note : With H1 = 0, the slot is a circle with an isthmus

To set up a slot type 26 you need to replace the slot geometry bloc in your machine file by this code and edit it with your values :

For the stator

Input.Geometry.type_slot_shapes = 26;       

Input.Geometry.H0s = 1e-3; %[m]
Input.Geometry.H1s = 1.5e-3 ; %[m]
Input.Geometry.W0s = 12e-3; %[m]
Input.Geometry.R1s = 14e-3; %[m]

For the rotor

Input.Geometry.type_slot_shaper = 26;       

Input.Geometry.H0r = 1e-3; %[m]
Input.Geometry.H1r = 1.5e-3 ; %[m]
Input.Geometry.W0r = 12e-3; %[m]
Input.Geometry.R1r = 14e-3; %[m]

Geometrical constraints

Your slot must follow these constraints :

  • W0 < 2*R1

Version compatibility

Slot type 26 is introduced in MANATEE v1.05.02
In MANATEE v1.08.02, the schematics was updated to introduce the R2 parameter. To get the 1.05.02 slot version, one must enforce R1 = R2. Back to slot shape list

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