How to set-up Slot Type 12?

Slot type 12 schematics
Slot type 12 schematics

To set up a slot type 12 you need to replace the slot geometry block in your machine file by this code and edit it with your values :

For the stator

Input.Geometry.type_slot_shapes = 12;       

Input.Geometry.H0s = 1e-3; %[m]
Input.Geometry.H1s = 1.5e-3; %[m]
Input.Geometry.R1s = 14e-3; %[m]
Input.Geometry.R2s = 20e-3; %[m]

For the rotor

Input.Geometry.type_slot_shaper = 12;       

Input.Geometry.H0r = 1e-3; %[m]
Input.Geometry.H1r = 1.5e-3; %[m]
Input.Geometry.R1r = 14e-3; %[m]
Input.Geometry.R2r = 20e-3; %[m]

Version tracking

Slot type 12 is available starting from MANATEE 1.06.03

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