How to set-up radial ventilation ducts?

In MANATEE, to define radial ventilation ducts, there are three parameters to set :

% For the Stator
Input.Geometry.Lst1 = 350e-3;
Input.Thermics.Nrvds = 4;
Input.Thermics.Wrvds = 0.05;

%For the rotor
Input.Geometry.Lrt1 = 350e-3;
Input.Thermics.Nrvdr = 4;
Input.Thermics.Wrvdr = 0.05;
  • Nrvds and Nrvdr are the number of radial ventilation ducts on the lamination
  • Wrvds and Wrvdr are the width of these ventilation ducts.
  • Lst1 and Lrt1 are the lamination active length along z direction.

That means that the total length of the lamination are :

Output.Geometry.L1vd = Lst1 + Nrvds * Wrvds % For the stator
Output.Geometry.L2vd = Lrt1 + Nrvdr * Wrvds % For the rotor

The radial ventilation ducts are simulated according to this schematics :

Radial ventilation ducts schematics
Radial ventilation ducts schematics
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