How to set my machine overall dimensions?

This schematics present how the overall dimensions of the machine are defined in MANATEE (inner rotor case) - the input parameters are in blue, the output parameters are in red:

Machine dimension schematics
Machine dimension schematics

To completely define the dimensions of the lamination one must set the following parameters (the machine is built from the outside to the inside):

Input.Geometry.Wfra  % outer frame width [m]
Input.Geometry.Dsy  % stator back yoke diameter [m] (external diameter)
Input.Geometry.Hsy  % stator yoke height [m] (back iron height behind the slot)  %mechanical airgap width [m]
Input.Geometry.Dry % rotor yoke diameter [m]
Input.Geometry.Drsh % rotor shaft Diameter [m]

The stator and rotor slot geometries are defined in the slot section. Based on these input parameters, the rest of the machine lamination is computed according to these rules :

  • The Slot height (Hstot and Hrtot) calculation assumes that the opening of the slot is an arc and not a straight line (distance between the slot bottom and the lamination bore).
  • Dsbo = Dsy - 2*(Hsy+Hstot) (stator internal diameter)
  • Drbo = Dsbo - 2*gap (rotor external diameter)
  • Hry = Drbo/2 - Hrtot - Dry/2 (rotor yoke height)

Alternative methods

In fact you can define the outer lamination dimensions in 3 different ways. MANATEE needs only two parameters out of Dsy, Hsy, Dsbo (in the inner rotor case). MANATEE will compute the missing parameter. For instance with:

Input.Geometry.Dsbo = 100e-3;
Input.Geometry.Dsy = 150e-3;

MANATEE will detect that it needs to compute Hsy. All these 3 methods are defined according to the slot height and the previous equations.

The 3 methods enable you to define your machine with the parameters that suit you the most and, most of all, to use any of these 3 parameters as an input for a sensitivity or optimization study.

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