How to run a simulation?

As explain in How to create a new project/simulation ? a simulation is defined by a project file (and its associated machine file thought Input.Simu.machine_name).

Once a project is correctly set-up, MANATEE can be launched by typing run_MANATEE(‘project_name’) in the Matlab workspace. With ’project_name’ the name of the project you want to run without the ’.m’. The project need to be in the Matlab path with an unique file name to be run. If you want to be sure that it’s the case, you can use the command which project_name. It should return the path to your project file.

Depending on Input.Simu.is_com, some text outputs can be displayed during the simulation. Both Input and Output structures can be found in the current workspace at the end of the simulation. If the simulation is run at variable speed, based on a sensitivity analysis or an optimization, additional structure called XInput and XOutput are created. They are array of Input and Output structure which has the same length as the number of different calculated speeds or design configurations.

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