How to run a sensitivity study on natural frequencies?


This article shows how to use MANATEE software to study the effect of natural frequency variations on the acoustic noise due to magnetic forces in electrical machines.


Such a study could be run manually using the sensitivity study mode of MANATEE, but it is interesting to have this sensitivity study automated to run robust vibroacoustic optimization of electrical machines. First the most important structural modes are identified in the vibroacoustic response, then a small variation of the associated natural frequency is applied and the resulting noise variation at nominal speed and at variable speed is calculated.

The maximum noise variation cumulating worse natural frequency variations at nominal speed and at variable speed is respectively stored in




Scripting implementation

The sensitivity study can be run manually in command line with


Alternatively this analysis can be launched automatically at the end of the calculation with

Input.Simu.type_natfreq_sensitivity =1

The maximum number of modes to account is specified with

Input.Simu.Nmax_modes =3

A +/-5% variation of natural frequency is specified with


GUI implementation


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