How to report a bug to the support?

Although we run our validation test everyday, it is impossible to test every single combination of MANATEE input parameters. Therefore, you may encounter some errors when running your own simulation.

To report efficiently a bug, please follow this procedure:
First check that your problem is not already addressed on our website. Every time the support answers a technical question, a new article is added to the website to help the other MANATEE users. To find your answer you can use the search engine:

Eomys website search engine
Eomys website search engine

If you can’t find the answer in the website, you can send an email to the support using the dedicated interface in MANATEE. You can start this interface by clicking on the link generated in the error message or by calling send_report_ui(’project_file_name’,’machine_file_name’) in command line:

JPEG - 66.6 kb

This tool enables to attach quickly your project, machine and material files, and a text file containing the last execution logs. You can also add other files by hand and specify in the message:

  • Windows version
  • Matlab version
  • MANATEE version (the name of the main folder in the default path)
  • Error messages from the matlab prompt and/or GUI console if there is no log file

If your machine or material are confidential, you can provide us with the name of a equivalent validation machine (or material) or the main topology information (machine type, Zs/Zr/p, slot type,...). The interface send the report by email to MANATEE support and to you.

MANATEE user interface to send bug report
MANATEE user interface to send bug report
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