How to post-process the simulation results?

All the output variables can be found in the Output structures or its substructures and are available in the workspace for post-processings. The Excel file MANATEE_Output_variables.xls in the /Doc folder gives the detailed list of those variables.

Some plot commands are available for each module to ease post-processing tasks. The complete list of commands and their associated module can be found in the Plot commands documentation section.

To be able to use these scripts, one must first initialize them by running plot_init in the current workspace. plot_init creates an additional substructure called Input.Plot, which contains for instance the maximum frequency to be displayed (Input.Plot.freq_disp_max), the time at which space graph are done (Input.Plot.j_t0). For further information see How to change the plot options article.

Some predefined post-processings can then be run and plotted, e.g. plot_ASWL_fft plots the A-weighted sound power level spectrum. The list of all plot commands can be also found in the Plot/Commands folder.

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