How to import a winding from a .mat file?

Starting from MANATEE 1.06.02, it is possible to import the winding from a .mat file. This feature follows the same convention as the "user-defined" one. The only difference is that the matrix is not stored in Input.Magnetics.mat_wind1 but in a .mat file.

First, you need to create the winding itself. It must follow these constraints:

  • The matrix dimension must be [Nlay_rad, Nlay_tan, Zs, qs]
  • The winding connection matrix is a matrix of relative integer. wind_mat[a,b,c,d] is the number of coil turns Ntcoil in the layer (a,b) of the Slot n°c for the phase d.
  • If the number of turns is >0, the winding is going toward us. Else, the winding is going inside the slot.
  • The sum of the matrix elements must be 0
  • The variable in the workspace must be named "wind_mat"

Once the matrix created, you can save it using the command:


Then to import this winding distribution inside MANATEE you need to set these parameters:

Input.Magnetics.type_winding1 = 7; %Select import winding from .mat
Input.Magnetics.wind_mat_filename1 = 'your_file_name'; %Name of the winding matrix file

Note that MANATEE will check if the winding matches with specified Input.Magnetics.qs and Input.Geometry.Zs. If the winding is correctly loaded, MANATEE will set:

Input.Magnetics.type_winding1 = 0;
Input.Magnetics.wind_mat1 = <the loaded matrix>;

This way, you can easily access the imported matrix at the end of the simulation.

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