How to combine several slots for interior magnets?

This feature is only for some very specific topology of Machine that can’t be created with the "normal" way of using the buried magnet slots. Usually, to create a buried magnet machine, the user need to choose a slot in the MANATEE library and adapt the shape to its needs.

The issue is that this library cover only some "simple" and "common" example. For some cases, it is interesting to be able to combine several slots :

Complex Buried Magnet Topology
Complex Buried Magnet Topology

In this case it would be handy to be able to define a slot type 50 and a type 52. MANATEE v1.05.02 introduce a new way to handle the buried magnet slot that allow such combination.

Input.Geometry.type_slot_shaper = {50,52};

Input.Geometry.H0r = {15.3e-3;0.00125};
Input.Geometry.H1r = {1.25e-3;0.007};
Input.Geometry.H2r = {1e-3;0.002};
Input.Geometry.H3r = {6.3e-3;0};
Input.Geometry.W0r = {45e-3;0.015};
Input.Geometry.W1r = {2e-3;0};
Input.Geometry.W2r = {0e-3;0};
Input.Geometry.W3r = {1e-3;0.03};
Input.Geometry.W4r = {23.6e-3;0};
Input.Geometry.W5r = {0;0};
Input.Geometry.W6r = {0;0};
Input.Geometry.W7r = {0;0};
Input.Geometry.R1r = {0;0};
Input.Geometry.R2r = {0;0};

Note that you need to set all the parameters even if they are not used by the slot type and that all the cell must have the same length. As this feature is intended for buried magnet slot, it is only available for the rotor.

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