How to change the stator and rotor angular positions?

For synchronous machines, if a fixed load angle is used with Input.Simu.is_fixed_loadangle=1, then the rotor position is automatically set. This means that the magnet position at t=0 cannot be chosen. If Input.Simu.is_fixed_loadangle=0, the currents and the rotor position can be set independently. In that case the center of a North pole can be fixed at \alpha_{s}=0° and t=0 s using Input.Simu.is_rotor_slot_alpha0=1, and an interpole using Input.Simu.is_rotor_slot_alpha0=0. The North and South poles can be reversed using Input.Simu.is_reverse_poles=0.

For asynchronous machines, the relative position between stator and rotor can be changed using Input.Simu.is_rotor_slot_alpha0=1 (rotor slot center fixed at \alpha_{s}=0° and t=0 s).

For all machines the stator can be shifted of one slot pitch using Input.Simu.is_stator_slot_alpha0=1 (stator slot center at \alpha_{s}=0°) or Input.Simu.is_rotor_slot_alpha0=0 (stator tooth center at \alpha_{s}=0°). Besides that the stator winding can be shifted of several slots using Input.Geometry.Nslot_shift_wind in the machine definition.

This will help you to define the exact geometry and electrical point you want to simulate.

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