How to change the plot options of post processings?

All plot options are defined in the Input.Plot structure, which is automatically defined at the end of the simulation process by plot_init script. This structure can be modified in command line and you can edit plot_init script to check its input variables and their description. The path to this script is Plot/Commands/plot_init.m


The parts of the graph below the reference level can be blanked using


This cleans the graph and helps focusing on main information.


All for all MANATEE graphs, the frequency axis can be changed in terms of electrical orders (Input.Plot.type_electrical_order=1 to display frequencies as multiples of the fundamental electrical frequency) or mechanical orders (Input.Plot.type_electrical_order=2 to display frequencies as multiples of the rotation frequency).

The wavenumber axis can also be changed as space order (Input.Plot.is_spatial_order=1 to display multiples of the number of pole pairs).

The speed axis can be either given in RPM (Input.Plot.is_disp_rpm=1) or in fundamental electrical frequency (Input.Plot.is_disp_rpm=0).

Other information

Time index is given by Input.Plot.j_t0.
Natural frequencies can be removed with Input.Plot.is_disp_freq_nat=0.

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