How to carry psychoacoustic calculations from sound synthesis of electrical machines using MANATEE?


MANATEE software allows to create a .wav file of an electrical machine run-up or fixed speed using the command line play_sound (see dedicated article on sound synthesis). This allows the user to get a first impression of the sound due to magnetic forces.

No psychoacoustic indices are directly calculated within MANATEE v1.06.03. However MANATEE can be easily coupled to your own Python/Matlab scripts, and we can implement a specific sound quality metric under request.

Coupling with sound quality software

MANATEE can be coupled to software focusing on sound quality metrics, such as LEA® from Genesis or Artemis from HeadAcoustics.

The input signal of such software is sound file .wav. It is therefore possible to load the .wav file synthetized in MANATEE in these software to realize psychoacoustic calculations on electrical machine noise, such as:

  • psychoacoustic indices calculation (loudness, sharpness, roughness, fluctuation strength, tonality metrics),
  • time-frequency representation and amplification/reduction of specific orders linked to electric motor noise

Such post-processings do not require a tachometer signal. This is particularly useful when comparing electrical machines with same noise level in dBA but with different harmonic content.

More interestingly MANATEE can be coupled to such software to combine electromagnetic noise calculated within MANATEE with aerodynamic and mechanical sources, as demonstrated in this article.

See also

To listen to some specific sounds of electrical machines you can have a look to our e-NVH sound materials.

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