How to cancel stator or rotor mmf / magnetic fields?

In order to cancel all stator field harmonics and keep only rotor field harmonics, one can put :

Input.Simu.is_mmfs = 0;
Input.Simu.is_mmfr = 1;

In order to keep stator field harmonics only :

Input.Simu.is_mmfs = 1;
Input.Simu.is_mmfr = 0;

This can be done on both induction machines (separating rotor and stator current linkage) and synchronous machines (separating PM field and armature field), and whatever the models (subdomain, permeance/mmf, FEA). This enables to discriminate the harmonics coming from stator and rotor fields on flux, forces, vibration and noise.

One can check the effect using plot_VS_ASPL.

Use cases of this feature can be found in the tutorial section.

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