How Output parameters are organized?

The main calculation results carried by MANATEE software electromagnetic and vibroacoustic models are stored in the Output structure generated by run_MANATEE. An exhaustive list of all output structure variables including their description, unit and range can be found in the Excel file MANATEE_Output_variables.xls of the /Doc folder.

This Output structure contains in particular the following substructures:

  • Geometry: contains new geometrical quantities deduced from the input geometrical variables (e.g. Output.Geometry.Rag gives the airgap diameter)
  • Electrical: contains all the electrical quantities from the electrical model (e.g. Output.Electrical.R10 gives the stator phase resistance)
  • Magnetics: contains all electromagnetic quantities from the electromagnetic model (e.g. Output.Magnetics.XBr is the radial airgap flux density distribution matrix in time and space)
  • Mechanics: contains all the structural mechanics quantities from the mechanical model (e.g. Output.Mechanics.Lar gives the radial acceleration spectrum)
  • Acoustics: contains all the acoustic quantities from the acoustic model (e.g. Output.Acoustics.LwrA_max gives the maximum A-weighted sound power level calculated at variable speed)

In variable speed, load extrapolation mode, or multi-simulation, an additional structure named XOutput appears in the workspace. XOutput is an array of structures which contains all the Output structures of the elementary MANATEE simulations.

For instance, XOutput(10).Acoustics.LwrA contains A weighted Sound Power Level at speed number 10. If the phase current I0rms is specified as a response variable in the multiple simulation in Input.Simu.resp_var, it can be accessed through XOutput(i).Electrical.I10rms for the i-th simulation. Alternatively, you can use Output.Multsim.Xconf, which is the configuration matrix of size [nsim, nvar+nresp] where nsim is the number of simulations, nvar the number of design variables specified in Input.Simu.names_var and nresp the number of response variables specified in Input.Simu.names_resp. This configuration matrix contains both the input and the output of the simulations. To access to the j-th output of the i-th simulation you can type Output.MultSim.Xconf(i,nvar+j).

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