How Input parameters are organized ?

All the inputs used by MANATEE software electromagnetic and vibroacoustic calculations are stored in the Intput structure generated by run_MANATEE. An exhaustive list of all input structure variables including their description, unit and range can be found in the Excel file MANATEE_Input_variables.xls of the /Doc folder.

The Input structure contains in particular the following substructures:

  • Geometry: contains e.g. geometry of the rotor and stator laminations
  • Magnetics: contains e.g. winding definition, number of poles
  • Electrical: contains e.g. coil resistivity
  • Material: contains e.g. machine material properties (loaded from the material library)
  • MatLib: contains the material library itself
  • Mechanics: contains e.g. Young modulus
  • Simu: contains all the simulation model parameters e.g. the launch of analytical or finite element models
  • Plot: contains the parameters for all the plotting scripts of post-processing modules, this substructure is initialized with the script plot_init.

The Input structure is generated by run_MANATEE. The Input variables can be split in two types : the simulation ones and the machine ones. They are defined respectively in the current project and machine files (see "How to create a new project" and "How to create a new machine").

In variable speed, load extrapolation mode, or multi-simulation, an additional structure named XInput appears. It’s a sort of array of Input structure. For instance, XInput(1) contains the Input structure at the first simulation step.

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