Can MANATEE model a strong magneto-mechanical coupling?

MANATEE default models assume a weak coupling between electromagnetic and structural models. The weak coupling is valid when rotor and stator radial displacements are much smaller than the effective airgap width, which is generally the case, especially for surface PM machines. As an example, a displacement of 1 micrometer of 1 m^2 surface vibrating at 1 kHz can reach 100 dB: there is no need for large displacements to make noise!

In advanced mode, one can introduce in MANATEE a user-defined rotor or stator vibration wave to check its effect on resulting vibration and acoustic noise. Introducing a strong coupling (change of the airgap width due to structural deformation of stator and rotor) adds some sidebands around the magnetic force time and space frequencies, and the spacing of the sidebands depends on the shape of the displacement around the airgap. The sideband levels are usually 10dB below the main lines, so the strong coupling does not change the overall dB level.

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