Can MANATEE calculate aerodynamic and mechanical noise (e.g. gear whine)?

MANATEE software does not directly include models for the assessment of aerodynamic noise and vibrations (e.g. fan noise), neither for mechanical noise and vibrations (e.g. bearing, gearbox). Fan whine, gear whine and e-motor whine are three different physical problems that require specific numerical solvers and specific solutions.

However, a non-magnetic acoustic noise component evolving with speed N0 as

Lw = K_1+K_2*N_0+K_3*log_10(N_0)

can be added using

Input.Simu.type_addnoise = 1;
Input.Simu.type_Kaddnoise = [K1 K2 K3];

This model of sound power level as a function of speed is provided by fan manufacturers. Aerodynamic noise can dominate the overall sound pressure level at high speed in case of shaft-mounted fans. It can also be generated by rotor slotting effect in open machines.

Besides that, a model of main vibration harmonics frequencies due to bearing defects and gears is included in MANATEE.

Finally, MANATEE can be coupled to sound design software to combine electromagnetic, aerodynamic and mechanical sources and run sound quality studies as shown in this article on psychoacoustics of electric powertrain.

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