Can MANATEE be coupled to FLUX / JMAG / OPERA / MAXWELL / MAGNET / ...?

MANATEE vibroacoustic models can be coupled to any third party electromagnetic software (Opera, Jmag, Flux, Magnet, Maxwell , Femag etc) by importing the airgap flux distribution in MANATEE as an Excel sheet. The import of an external flux distribution is detailed in How to import an external flux density file ? tutorial.

MANATEE is also coupled to some electromagnetic software such as Flux and FEMM in both ways. In particular, MANATEE can automatically define and solve some non-linear magnetostatics problems in the 2D free software FEMM. Alternatively, 3D magnetic end effects can be accounted by coupling MANATEE to Flux3d from Cedrat: again, the full geometry and physics of a MANATEE electrical machine is exported in Flux environment.

Avoiding the call to MANATEE built-in electromagnetic models can be done for different purposes:

  • subscription to MANATEE structural and acoustic modules only, to continue using in-house electromagnetic FEA software
  • modelling of electromagnetic phenomena that are not taken into account by MANATEE current electromagnetic models (e.g. non standard geometries such as lamination with uneven slot position)
  • reuse of available electromagnetic calculation results to speed-up calculation time, for instance by importing a flux distribution lookup table
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