MANATEE v1.05.01

The version v1.05 has been released in January 2016.


- subdomain model for SPMSM calculation time reduced with summing only on non-zero harmonics
- import of external flux density data improved, possibility to import .txt or Excel files
- allow the use of the bore diameter Input.Geometry.Dsbo to define stator lamination (instead of Hsy)
- possibility to plot several variables in variable speed mode using plot_VS_vars
- exact subdomain and periodicity subdomain model implemented for SPMSM
- possibility to import external voltage or current data
- possibility to introduce rotor torsional vibration effect on acoustic noise
- possibility to simulate the effect of several pole displacements in permeance / mmf model
- calculation of bearing frequencies
- possibility to calculate magnet flux linkage for the equivalent circuit using subdomain model, FEMM or loading external file
- mutiobjective constrained optimization module based on NSGA2
- possibility to call a post processing script at the end of the simulation
- possibility to model squared lamination in FEMM model
- possibility to run an electromagnetic simulation at t=0 only
- possibility to calculate Maxwell forces on the inner part of the machine (rotor or stator), and post process them
- possibility to add an other source of noise to magnetic noise (mechanical & aerodynamic)
- skin effect calculation validated and more accurate (leakage inductance is calculated in two parts, one is affected by skin effect, the other not)
- possibility to define a flux concentrated lamination shape
- possibility to calculate leakage inductances using a numerical method with automated coupling with FEMM
- possibility to make a variable speed simulation with constant current and varying load angle for PMSM
- modelling of temperature effect on remanent PM flux density
- possibility to do 1D FFT as a function of space order instead of wavenumbers using Input.Plot.is_spatial_order=1, same thing for electrical orders
- possibility to run a synchronous sensitivity study (making vary several parameters at the same time, assuming they have same number of values)
- possibility to call a Matlab script as an output of sensitivity & optimization
- implementation of the skewing effect on Ld/Lq magnetizing inductance
- new definition of type_BHsat to have the possibility to force a linear B(H) curve model

Topologies and materials

- new buried magnet shape with V-shaped double magnet + single magnet (three magnets per pole)
- the electromagnetic and vibroacoustic effect of lamination notches can be modelled at the end of stator tooth tips
- buried permanent magnetic synchronous machine with V shaped magnets
- new winding type coded with type_winding = 5: all teeth wound with radial superposition of the coils
- new magnet definition and shape (inset and surface)
- 5 new slot shapes : 11, 23, 24, 25, 50
- new magnetic materials added


- plot_Btr_cfft2 : Rotor airgap tangential flux density complex fft2
- plot_Fmag_teeth : Combined magnetic forces on stator teeth
- plot_Fmag_teeth_fft : Combined magnetic forces on stator teeth at given frequency/waveform
- plot_Fr_fft2_in : FFT2 airgap radial forces on inner structure
- plot_Ft_fft2_in : FFT2 airgap tangential forces on inner structure
- plot_Ft_space : Airgap tangential magnetic force as a function of space
- plot_Ft_surf : Airgap tangential magnetic force time and space distribution
- plot_rcurrent_time : Rotor current time waveforms
- plot_scurrent_time : Stator currents time distribution in ABC and DQ frames
- plot_sdm_geometry : Subdomain model geometry overlaid with real geometry
- plot_Vr_static_fft : Quasi static radial velocity vibration spectrum
- plot_VS_Ft_spectrogram_order : Spectrogram of tangential force harmonics
- plot_VS_Vr_spectrogram : Radial velocity level spectrogram


The following validation cases have been added to make sure MANATEE results stay correct from a release to another:
- EL_SCIM_002 : magnetizing curve of a SCIM
- EM_SCIM_NL_005 : airgap radial flux density in a saturated induction machine at no load with permeance / mmf model
- EM_SCIM_NL_006 : no-load airgap radial flux density of squirrel cage induction machine with permeance / current linkage analytical model
- EM_SCIM_NL_007 : saturated airgap flux density as a function of current density
- EM_SPMSM_FL_006 : inner rotor SPMSM / linear on-load, current imposed / permance mmf model Vs FEMM / airgap flux density
- SM_STA_004 : inner rotor SCIM / no electromagnetic model / GetDP FEM and analytical structural mechanics modal analysis / natural frequencies calculation
- AC_SCIM_001 : effect of skew on induction machine at no load
- AC_BPMSM_001 : experimental validation of the variable speed sound pressure level in an interior PMSM
- MS_SPMSM_SS_001 : synchronous sensitivity study on the effect of yoke width on the breathing mode natural frequency (structural mechanics), use of a Matlab expression as a user defined output variable
- ALG_001 : induction machine sonagram with flux weakening, comparison with variable speed operation
- ALG_002 : comparison between 2D and 3D skew models
- ALG_003 : compare current-driven and voltage-driven variable speed simulations
- ALG_004 : check the removal of space harmonics in stator mmf, both direction
- ALG_005 : spectral leakage elimination with increasing number of revolutions
- ALG_006 : slot position when both rotor and stator are skewed
- NUM_001 : influence of the slot shift & rotation direction (SCIM perm / mmf)
- NUM_002 : influence of the slot shift & rotation direction (SPMSM subdomain model)
- NUM_003 : influence of the space discretization on the nominal and max SWL of an IM
- NUM_004 : influence of the time discretization step on acoustic noise calculation
- NUM_005 : continuity of the skew
- NUM_006 : effect of the number of 2D skew slices on the magnetic noise and vibration level
- check the magnet geometry for all the new shape (inset and surface)