MANATEE v1.09.01

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The version v1.09.01 of MANATEE software dedicated to the electromagnetic and vibro-acoustic design of electric motors has been released the 6th March 2020.

Key features

Geometry and topology
  • Improvement Variable Speed (VS) workflow with new Load Interpolation Algorithm based on Flux Look Up Tables (FLUT) as function of speed. Load Interpolation Algorithm can be now performed using either FLUT function of Id/Iq or FLUT function of speed.
  • Improvement of Electromagnetic Vibration Synthesis (EVS) workflow
  • Improvement of e-NVH fault simulation workflow:
    • possibility to model eccentricity and stator/rotor bore radius ovalization as a post-processing of flux density computation (much faster), so that manufacturing tolerances can be studied even when importing flux from third party software
    • possiblity to change the current unbalance in terms of magnitude or phase separately or both
  • Improvement of Torque Speed plane (TS) workflows for EV HEV NVH:
  • Variable renaming and new variables to define more easily supply and control strategy in scripting mode
  • Improvement of MANATEE coupling to FEMM:
    • possibility to import a FEMM model without regions, BC & material properties with Input.Simu.is_femm_import=2
    • possibility to compute mmf using FEMM for one pole pair and for all poles using the new variable Input.Simu.type_mmf_R_period (useful to study uneven magnetization impact on NVH)
Structural mechanics
  • Improvement of FRF loading / saving performances
  • Possibility to import experimental tooth FRF and convert them in wave FRF
  • Improvement of the coupling with Ansys Mechanical: possibility to compute Wave FRF with distributed forces on tooth tips instead of only one lumped force
  • Improvement of coupling with Altair Optistruct: FRF with longitudinal orders to account for skew and 3D eccentricity effect, FRF applied on rotor to include structure borne noise, possibility to load a user-defined TCL script
  • New plots to better illustrate FRF shapes (plot_FRF_3D_ui, plot_FRF_3D, plot_FRF_nodes)
  • New plots to better understand the contribution of each loadcase (plot_VS_ASWL_LC_cont, plot_VS_ASWL_order_analysis_ui, plot_VS_ASWL_LC_cont_per_order)
  • New plot to draw Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) (plot_VS_ODS_3D, plot_ODS_3D)
  • Improvement of MANATEE plots rendering using new graphical chart
  • Possibility to compare different projects or different machines on a given simulation project with compare_sim_machines.m
  • Improvement of root cause analysis based on find_harmonics scripts and the possibility to plot Campbell diagram including physical origin of magnetic forces
  • Possibility to import/export flux distribution including multi slice with template SkewedFluxImportTemplateFS.xlsx
  • Improvement of import function of user voltage / current waveform with more options available through Input.Simu.type_supply_post
  • Possibility to import current waveforms from an Excel sheet at fixed speed and variable speed
  • Possibility to enforce user-defined airgap Maxwell stress waves
  • Possibility to export magnetic loads in .unv
  • Improvement of material library organization
  • Improvement of bug reporting with send_report command line to quickly send an email to MANATEE support team at with relevant information in case of error