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The version v1.08.02 of MANATEE software dedicated to the electromagnetic and NVH design of electric motors has been released the 21th August 2019.

Key features

Geometry and topology
  • 9-phase winding is now made possible besides dual three phase winding
  • Possibility to implement smooth pole (non salient) synchronous machines with uneven rotor slot spacing or uneven rotor slot depth
  • Multi-slot to have uneven slot characteristics
    PNG - 56.4 kb
  • Step skew angle of each slice can be user-defined
  • New closing arc for slot 60 winding
  • New Slot 26 schematics and Slot type 41, 43
  • Implementation of PWM voltage waveforms DPWM0, DPWM1, DPWM2, DPWM3, DPWMmin, DPWMmax, GDPWM, SVPWM
  • Possibility to enforce a current unbalance in the simulation
  • Possibility to specify Lm(Im) for induction machine as a vector and to enforce only magnetization inductance using Input.Simu.is_forceSPEC=2
  • Possibility to parallelize FEMM computation on the slices or time steps.
  • Virtual work principle computation is now possible with parallel FEMM computation
  • Variable speed import of airgap flux density is now possible by providing parent folders (radial and/or tangential)
  • Compute the effect of static and dynamic eccentricities and saturation in SDM
  • Torque produced by lumped magnetic forces (including tooth bending moment) now checked in comparison with Maxwell Tensor torque
  • Analytic permeance calculation now accounts for notching
  • Speed up non-linear resolution in FEMM by introducing the new FEMM feature from 21 April 2019 release
  • Possibility to get radial flux density space harmonics using get_Br_r.m
  • Possibility to rescale the whole flux distribution by a scaling factor for quick studies
Structural mechanics
  • Possibility to load rotor with Magnetic Lumped Forces and define specific load cases on rotor and stator
  • Possibility to apply Maxwell stress wave FRF with several nodes per tooth tip
  • Possibility to apply skewed FRF wave: the phase of the unit force can be different at each layer of the FEA model in Optistruct. Project to generate data: SM_HM_007. Project to compare with classic FRF: SM_012.
  • Possibility to get specific Maxwell stress harmonics at variable speed using get_VS_MTr_fr.m
  • Possibility to sample numerical FRF after loading external FRF
  • Saturation lines have been added to analytic force harmonic identification of SCIM
  • Possibility to generate magnetic loading on teeth for ACTRAN and PATRAN
  • Improvement of modulation effect model
  • Comparison between mechanical response based on magnetic mesh and classical FRF
  • Modal force computation scripts
  • Generation of .unv mesh file based on FEMM electromagnetic mesh
  • Script to read .unv mesh from Optistruct
  • Optimizing VWP computation using vectorized function (at least 100x faster)
  • Possibility to load FRF data per tooth (e.g. coming from impact hammer measurements) and convert into FRF wave
  • Noise synthesis now works more efficiently including non linear run-up on PM machines
  • Order analysis now includes excitation due to armature field following analytic calculations
  • Automated plot of main Maxwell stress waves using plot_MT_main_waves.m, including skewing effect and dynamic eccentricity effects
  • New spectrogram (type_spectro=4) with constant width harmonics, now made by default for synchronous machines
  • Possibility to plot scalar FRF (RMS value of all nodes) in plot_FRF
  • New functions for plotting rotor forces
  • plot_MTr_vectors.m with radial/tangential and stator/rotor contribution
  • Animated plots for stator and rotor tooth forces including Fx/Fy resultants
  • New plot function plot_Ur_fft2_stem.m
  • Possibility to plot acceleration modal contribution in linear scale plot_Ar_modal_cont
  • plot_VS_ASWL_order_analysis.m extended to display Hxx, r=xx rather than analytical expressions
  • Combine the display of rotor and stator forces if available.
  • Improvement of plot_Ftooth_time_and_fft.m
  • plot_B_animate_SDM3D.m now enables to plot the flux density for each slice
  • plot_Fteeth_3D_fft.m is now animated
  • Improvement of variable speed outputs with torque ripple & average torque
  • New plot plot_B_animate_SDM3D.m to plot the flux density for each slice
  • New plot_UMP.m to plot the unbalanced magnetic pull over time
  • Improvement of plot_skew
  • Plot to display nodal forces from VWP calculation with the magnetic mesh and relative permeability
  • Quiver VWP nodal force with legend colorbar
  • plot_FRF_fr_animated.m to plot and animate a FRF computed from Optistruct
New validation cases
  • New validation case for modulation effect by comparison between analytical and FEA FRF
  • New validation case for eccentricity with sliding band
  • Add SM_012 (FRF skewed)
  • Validation cases of uneven slot WRSM added
  • New validation case to check that the sliding band is not modifying the mesh
  • Validation of smooth pole synchronous machine using FEA and PMMF EM_WRSM_US_001.m EM_WRSM_US_002.m EM_WRSM_US_003.m
  • Automated skew optimization of segment arrangement including noise & torque ripple with run_skew_optimization
  • compare_simulations.m scripts to launch several projects and compare all output variable speed values
  • New function compare_opt_machine.m to compare topologies coming from multi simulations (parameter sweep or optimization)
  • Renaming type_varspeed to define variable speed mode (0: fixed speed, 1: Load Extrapolation Algorithm, 2: speed by speed (quasi static), 3: full transient
  • The user can modify some variables directly from run_MANATEE, for example : run_MANATEE(’init_proj’,0,0,’Input.Simu.type_skew’,1) to ease MANATEE call inside third-party optimization loops
  • New default ranking mode for find_harmonic_PMSM.m => type_ranking = 3 to show as much as possible different types of Maxwell stress waves
  • Update of tutorial projects IPMSM
  • Remanent flux & B(H) curve data now saved in FLUT
  • Dedicated scripts to convert standard MANATEE input variable names in more "readable understandable" variables in parameter sweep / optimization plots
  • New definition of type_filter_harm to allow more harmonic filter options
  • New script to include windowing more general, including gaussian window
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