MANATEE v1.08.01

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The version v1.08.01 of MANATEE software dedicated to the electromagnetic and NVH design of electric motors has been released the 13th February 2019.

Key features

Geometry and topology
  • SynRM (Synchronous Reluctance Machine) and SRM (Switched Reluctance Machine) machines are now available using coupling with FEMM (and subdomain electromagnetic model for SRM)
  • Slot 17, Slot 18, Slot 19, Slot 54, Slot 55, Slot 56
    New slot type for MANATEE 1.08.01
    New slot type for MANATEE 1.08.01
  • Possibility to import current waveforms at variable speed using VSCurrentImportTemplate.xlsx
  • MTPA control
  • Automated computation of Id Iq boundaries due to skew
Structural mechanics
  • Generation of standard unit force loads in .unv format
  • Tooth Frequency Response Function in radial and tangential direction
  • Synthetized FRF wave from FRF tooth
  • Computing VWP from saved FEA data
  • New template for NVH maps based on torque, current and load angle tables
  • plot_VS_I: plot of variable speed current
  • plot_VS_SWL_overall: plot SWL without Aweighting
  • plot_VS_F_harm: plot of variable speed force harmonics
  • plot_VS_ASPL_waterfall: waterfalls in 3D for sonagram
  • plot_VS_Ar_modal_cont: Same as plot_VS_Vr_modal_cont but for acceleration
  • gen_Fteeth_machine_gif: Generating GIF of Lumped Rotating forces
  • Add stator current value in plot_B_animate_SDM2D.m
  • Improvement of order tracking analysis (plot_VS_ASWL_order_analysis)
New validation cases
  • EM_SRM_FL_001, EM_SRM_FL_002, EM_SRM_FL_003: new validation cases of SRM (SDM/FEMM or PMMF/FEMM comparison)
  • EM_SynRM_FL_001.m : torque function of current angle (MANATEE FEMM comparison with Syr-e r29)
  • EL_001, EL_IPMSM_005, EL_SPMSM_008: New validation case of the electrical equivalent circuit under PWM
  • SM_010: VWP validation for skewed machine
  • SM_011: Validation case for VWP calculation by saving FEM data on the hard drive (instead of storing it in the Output structure)
  • NUM_010: .dxf import of rotor and stator geometries
  • NUM_011: New validation case for FEMM parallelization using several Matlab sessions
  • Saving FEMM results as .mat in the current folder
  • Rebuild of default project and machine with advanced / developer parameters and adding simplified version
  • Reordering of the input parameters of default simulation project for better visibility
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