MANATEE v1.07.02

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The version v1.07.02 of MANATEE software dedicated to the electromagnetic and NVH design of electric motors has been released the 2nd of October 2018.

Key features

Simulation workflow
  • Non linear run-up is now handled both in transient and quasi static variable speed modes
  • Transient mode is available for all electromagnetic model types
  • Improvement of current / voltage import function (Id/Iq point is respected)
  • Simplified electrical machine scripts default_PMSM.m and default_SCIM.m
  • Calculation of flux linkage maps as a function of Id/Iq to be used in equivalent circuit
  • Improvement of voltage/current PWM waveform generation with analytical hamronics
  • Improve support for dual three-phase machines
  • Coupling with XFEMM (Input.Simu.is_xfemm in default_proj) for Linux compatibility
  • Torque ripple now calculated during spectrogram synthesis
Structural mechanics
  • Modulation effect available in magnetic lumped tooth force calculation
  • Bending moment at tooth tips is calculated
  • type_mass_model for ansys coupling to take into account the mass of the winding or magnet in the lamination density


  • Plot 3D quiver of FrFt tooth forces (useful for skew effect visualization)

New validation cases

  • ALG_044: Comparison between transient operation and spectrogram synthesis on open circuit case of tuto_IPMSM_001
  • ALG_045: Import current waveform and check rotor position
  • ALG_046: Non-linear run-up


  • Blackman windowing now available
  • Linux compatibility checked
  • Help text for plot command improved
  • init_machine and init_proj encrypted files prevent modifications of default project and machine files
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