MANATEE v1.06.04

The version v1.06.04 has been released the 12th October 2017.


  • Added new recognized insulation classes
  • Possibility to enforce the instantaneous bar currents at a single timestep
  • Rotor torsional vibrations can be included in both subdomain and permeance model
  • Coupling SDM with FEMM for partial inset PMSM at no-load and load case
  • Possibility to globally tune meshing and geometric fineness in FEMM using two new parameters in default_proj.m : Kgeo_fineness and Kmesh_fineness
  • Magnet polar magnetization as a function of theta in FEMM (remove split magnet)
  • possibility to enforce linear B(H) in stator and rotor of FEMM independently using is_FEMM_linear_stator
  • Possibility to force the reuse of FEMM results in sensitivity studies with is_reuse_femm_results=2
  • Calculation of equivalent magnetic forces per tooth using Virtual Work or Maxwell stress
  • Virtual Work Principle calculation of magnetic forces using FEMM
  • New mechanical model workflow options
  • Mass of winding or magnet per unit area is calculated in comp_init_geo.m to be used in structural FEA
  • Acoustic noise can now be plot at different distance from machine using a vector in d_micro_source
  • Calculation of noise maps for PMSM using comp_NVH_map.m and plot_VS_ASWL_map.m
  • Spectrogram synthesization algorithm and calculation speed improved
  • Renaming of is_ideal_sonagram in is_spectro_synthesis
  • Possibility to automatically extract a given noise line (e.g. H48) of acoustic spectrum for sensitivity or optimization
  • New Thermal Module


  • New plots for the new thermal module: plot_therm_all_sections, plot_therm_axial, plot_therm_front_view, plot_therm_section
  • plot_Ar_static_fft: plot of radial static acceleration
  • plot_ASWL_oct: plots the A-weighted sound power level spectrum in one third octave
  • plot_SWL_oct: plots the sound power level spectrum in octave band
  • plot_VS_ASWL_map: draws the A-weighted acoustic noise sound power level in torque Vs speed plane
  • plot_VS_ASWL_spatiogram: draws the spatiogram of A-weighted sound power level for each force wavenumber
  • plot_VS_SWL_sonagram: draws the acoustic noise sound power level sonagram (variable speed SWL spectrum), assuming all lines are proportional to supply frequency REFERENCE script for variable speed spectra
  • plot_Bt_3d: plots the 3d field of Bt on the cylinder in the middle of the airgap
  • plot_center_force: Plot the barycenter of magnetic forces evolution
  • plot_Ft_time: plots the airgap tangential magnetic force per unit area as a function of time
  • plot_interface_mag_press: Plot magnetic pressure along curvilinear air/iron interface
  • plot_rad_mag_press: Plots local forces VWP & MT in function of the angular position at desired time step.
  • plot_VS_Ft_spectrogram_order: draws the spectrogram of tangential force harmonics for a particular order
  • plot_FRF: plots the Frequency Response Functions of the external structure (stator or rotor)
  • Plot of simple octave band spectrum, plot of noise without A-weighting
  • Time series spectrogram based on Short Fourier Transform for post processing real data
  • Plot flux lines in plot_B_sdm ans subplots
  • Added a gif export to plot_Br_3d_animated
  • Possibility to impose the colorscale min & max in spectrograms
  • Improvement of diff_struct function to help understanding the differences of two different projects


  • ALG_016: check all supply strategies on SCIM
  • ALG_017: check all supply strategies on PMSM
  • ALG_018 for the comparison between synthesized spectrogram and variable speed
  • ALG_019 for torque calculation in skewed case
  • ALG_020: skew of the IPMSM rotor, check of the open circuit flux density comparing WFM, SDM and FEMM
  • ALG_021: skew of the IPMSM rotor, check of the torque & partial load flux density comparing WFM, SDM and FEMM
  • EM_BPMSM_NL_006: Flux concentration/ Back EMF and Flux density comparison FEMM vs Hybrid SDM
  • EM_BPMSM_NL_007: Flux density comparison FEMM vs Hybrid SDM (Prius case)
  • EM_BPMSM_NL_008: Flux density comparison FEMM vs Hybrid SDM (Two layers of magnet)
  • EM_IPMSM_FL_001: flux density comparison at load in semi inset PM machine using the hybrid subdomain method
  • EM_IPMSM_NL_007: flux density comparison at no-load in semi inset PM machine using the hybrid subdomain method.
  • EM_SPMSM_AL_009: Flux barrier modeling
  • EM_SPMSM_FL_009 of skewed torque, flux and bemf on reference paper on PMSM
  • EM_SPMSM_FL_010: study the effect of load angle on magnetic forces
  • EM_SPMSM_FL_011: Electromagnetic quantities computation with 2d multi-slices SDM of SPMSM
  • TH_001: heat transfer validation case


  • New tutorial on SPMSM supplied by square wave current


  • Magnetic and geometrical asymmetries now detected with is_assymetry
  • New disp_com function to change the verbosity level with log_level
  • All the temporary variables are stored in a specific path associated with clean_temp_files function that removes all temporary files (.mat and .fem), all these files are removed during the sensitivity studies
  • Possibility to change the default airgap radius for the calculation of main em quantities (torque, flux)
  • Added a parameter to control spacing between rotor notches
  • Possibility to remove notches at some certain teeth using is_notches vector [1,Zs] of boolean

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