MANATEE v1.06.03

The version v1.06.03 has been released the 9th June 2017.



- Carrier waveform of PWM now included in Output.Electrical for plots


- Automated identification of partial load magnetic force harmonics in PMSM with find_harmonic_PMSM_partial_load command line
- Flux density import now accepts TXT, XLS and CSV files
- New SDM package for SPMSM with airgap winding (slotless stator)
- Possibility to plot the stator mmf harmonics even without permeance/mmf model activated (the unit mmf is calculated)


- New available post processing to extract a given force harmonic of frequency f and wavenumber r (extract_force_harmonic command)
- Possibility to calculate structural FRF while skipping electromagnetic model
- New analytical model for the effect of boundary conditions on displacements
- MANATEE can now generate the TCL code for HyperMesh/OptiStruct to add the winding mass at the bottom or the side of the slots
- A PSHELL option has been added when building OptiStruct FEA model (possibility to either do shell or volume finite element)


- Possibility to remove all structural dynamics and get acoustic noise due to forced deflection only with Input.Simu.is_dynamics=0 (no resonances)
- Possibility to use unitary radiation factor (plate)


- Possibility to enforce the use of previous FEMM calculation in optimization or sensitivity analysis mode with Input.Simu.is_reuse_femm_results=1
- All the Optimization plots can now be called directly from the workspace after an optimization run. It requires to have the optimization save activated Input.Simu.Opt.is_save=1.


- plot_skew_factors plots the effect of stator and rotor skew on mmf harmonics
- Plot the effect of yoke change on noise with plot_yoke_change_effect
- plot_FxFy now includes Mx My magnetic moments
- Four custom colormaps for MANATEE added in Plot/Colormaps
- Possibility to plot frequency as log scale using Input.Plot.is_logscale_freq=1 in spectrograms
- Scaling factor added to increase manually the size of the harmonics of plot_A_fft2 if the frequency resolution is too small

Topologies and materials

- New slot types 12, 14, 27 and 28 added
- Axial eccentricity added
- Flux concentration rotor lamination shape is now defined by Input.Simu.Nshape (nb per points per pole)
- Automated calculation of stacking factor if unknown (in case Kst1=0 or Kst2=0)


- New validation cases for airgap winding EM_SPMSM_AL_008 and EM_SPMSM_NL_020
- New validation case for rotor / stator skew in SDM WFM model for SPMSM (ALG_014) and for SCIM (ALG_015)
- Project for analytical computation of FRF with MANATEE (ICSV24 congress)
- On load validation cases EM_SCIM_FL_003 for default_machine SCIM_017
- OP_005 validation case (mono-objective optimization using Simplex method of 10 variables Rosenbrock Function).
- Maxwell 2D sample for subdomain model validation at partial load SCIM_017


- SPMSM with eccentricity
- SPMSM pole displacement and demagnetization
- IM noise minimization using notches

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