MANATEE v1.05.02

The version v1.05.02 has been released the 22nd March 2016.


- Possibility to uncouple the modelling strategies of rotor and stator permeance calculation in FEMM (slot model or full model)
- Possibility to compute natural frequencies with GetDP with boundary condition (clamped-free, clamped-clamped, free-free)
- Possibility to calculate the rotor mmf of PMSM by using non linear magnetostatic FEMM model instead of analytical or subdomain models using type_rmmf_model
- Possibility to decouple the permeance model calculation of rotor and stator slots using type_perm_modelR and type_perm_modelS
- Possibility to impose the power of induction machine
- Possibility to plot the permeance model (analytical or FEMM) using plot_Per_slot command
- Possibility to calculate the permeance with FEMM, including magnetic wedge effect

Topologies and materials

- new way to handle interior magnets by combining several slot models
- user-defined skew shape
- 2 new slot shapes : 26 and 52


- plot_rmmf_surf : plots the rotor mmf time and space distribution as a surface plot


The following validation cases have been added to make sure MANATEE results stay correct from a release to another:
- ALG_007 : validation of constant flux sonagram for synchronous machines
- ALG_008 : check the use of symmetries in FEMM
- ALG_009 : check the use of symmetries in FEMM
- EL_SCIM_005 : induction machine equivalent circuit
- EL_SPMSM_001 : Emetor forklift case, no load, validation of electrical circuit (peak phase back EMF, flux linkage, inductance)
- EL_SPMSM_002 : validation of on-load SPMSM electrical equivalent circuit properties and outputs
- EM_BPMSM_NL_001 : BPMSM fixed speed no load, non linear FEMM Vs permeance mmf (reluctance network model of V-shaped magnets)
- EM_BPMSM_NL_002 : BPMSM fixed speed no load, non linear FEMM Vs permeance mmf (FEMM calculation of rotor mmf)
- EM_SCIM_NL_008 : use of FEMM for the calculation of stator and rotor permeance functions including magnetic wedges

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