MANATEE for teaching purposes

With its modular architecture and multiphysics models, MANATEE software is well adapted for teaching electrical engineering.

MANATEE NVH simulation workflow
MANATEE NVH simulation workflow

MANATEE has been split in 4 models/physics. You can start or end the simulation process at each model, while still being able to use MANATEE optimization & sensitivity analysis tools. You can focus on the physics you want to teach by licencing only a a part of the modules.

For instance, here are some possible simulation workflows:

  • Import electrical currents to compute airgap flux distribution
  • Import airgap flux distribution to compute magnetic forces
  • Enforce magnetic forces to compute acoustic noise and vibrations

MANATEE scripts can be coupled to any of your Matlab script, so that you can integrate MANATEE in a more general simulation environment.

Several modeling techniques are available in each module. MANATEE built-in post-processing allow to easily compare different modeling techniques such as finite element (with FEMM), subdomain semi analytical model, and permeance/mmf models (to include defaults like eccentricities, demagnetization, asymmetries). Similarly, torque computation can be done using flux linkage method, Maxwell stress method, or using equivalent circuits.

Many validation cases of MANATEE rely on a direct comparison with some recently published papers in IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. The corresponding simulation and machine MANATEE files are available as .m scripts and can therefore be modified by the students.

Moreover, each MANATEE model is fully parametrized to change the modeling level of phenomena. For instance, in the electrical circuit, you can include or ignore skin effect, iron losses, saturation effects. One can also remove any time or space harmonics, and then study the impact on torque ripple, magnetic forces, vibration and noise.

Noise without (left) and with (right) stator slotting effect
Noise without (left) and with (right) stator slotting effect

Last but not least, EOMYS offers a discount on non-commercial licences for universities and can collaborate with them by writing technical papers.