MANATEE beta testing application form

Are you an electrical engineer who needs to calculate the noise level of your electrical machine in a few clicks only?

If so, you must be the ideal beta tester for MANATEE software.

As a beta tester of MANATEE V2.0, starting from the 9th of February 2021:

  • you can calculate the noise level of your own machine topology (PMSM or SCIM machine only)
  • you benefit from a discount on a future purchase of MANATEE software
  • you take part of MANATEE software improvements thanks to regular feedback until v2.0 official release on the 17th of March 2021.

You can download the beta testing conditions agreement below:

MANATEE software V2.0 Beta testing agreement
MANATEE software V2.0 Beta testing agreement

To apply for becoming MANATEE software beta tester, please fill this form before the 5th of February 2021:

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