Pyleecan open source project for electrical machine design

EOMYS is starting an open and non-commercial project named Pyleecan (Python Library for Electrical Engineering Computational Analysis) to gather, unify and coordinate current and future open-source initiatives in electrical machines and drives software development.

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Pyleecan can be a great tool to develop synergies for improved development and research efficiency. PhD students, researchers and R&D engineers should spend less time on some scripting work that has already been carried somewhere in the world (maybe in a better way!), and should spend more time on creativity, physics, and high-value scripting (e.g. implementation of new topologies or models).

The objectives of the Pyleecan project and an overview of the existing open source initiatives in electrical machines have been detailed in a publication submitted to ICEM

To start the project, the following document is a proposal from EOMYS to organize the architecture of the project:

Pyleecan project architecture proposal
Pyleecan project architecture proposal

The project’s content and architecture has been first discussed in ICEM conference, Alexandroupoli, Greece, on 5th Sept 2018.

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