September 2021 news: Manatee software v2.1.8, e-NVH measurement workshop, conferences

Manatee software news

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EOMYS team took benefit of this summer to considerably improve stability, ergonomics and aesthetics of Manatee software to guarantee the best user experience. Thanks to all our partners for their valuable feedback!

Since its first release on March, 16th 2021 (Manatee v2.0), we have released many intermediate versions of the software to regularly include new features.
However, we are aware that it introduced bugs in the software, in particular due to backward compatibility issues. During this summer, the pace of feature development slowed down to focus on software robustness.
Manatee v2.1.8 contains the following improvements:

  • Improvement of e-machine definition, in particular, simplification of DXF import feature and solving of bugs related to ventilation ducts
  • Reduction of saving and loading times
  • Modelling of uneven airgap impact on magnetic forces and noise in case of stator bore radius deformation
  • Loading of an electrical machine file into the machine library from another workspace including materials

Besides, we are currently working on the following features requested by Manatee users for future releases:

  • Simulation and post-processings of on-load Squirrel Cage Induction Machines
  • Comparison of several vibro-acoustic simulations, in particular after performing a parameter sweep
  • DXF import of lamination bore geometry to include some specific elements such as notches
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Manatee presentation video

Over the last few months, we have been working on an official presentation video for Manatee software. This has now been completed in September and is available on our YouTube channel.
As Manatee is the first and only software dedicated to e-NVH simulation and analysis, combining electrical, magnetic, structural and acoustic simulation models, it can be shared with all engineers involved in the development of electrical systems with NVH requirements.
Please contact us for any questions.

Last e-NVH Training in 2021

Due to an important demand for our Technical Online training on "Acoustic noise and vibrations in electrical machines", we have decided to offer an additional session at the end of this year. This last training for 2021 will take place from November 18 to December 9.
As usual, registration is possible either on our dedicated Training website or directly by contacting Anne Trummer.

e-NVH Measurement workshop

EOMYS has recently added another content to its current training offer: a practical e-NVH Measurement workshop. The first edition takes place on December 14 and will be held in French language, in Lille (1h from Paris). English spoken sessions are planned for 2022, if you would like to participate in this, or set up a workshop for you and your colleagues, please contact us.

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The proposed e-NVH measurement workshop is a very practical 1-day workshop focusing on measurements of electromagnetic noise and vibrations (e-NVH). The participants will be explained the main noise radiation causes of an electric motor due to magnetic forces by using dedicated measurements techniques such as spectrogram, order tracking, operational deflection shape, spatiogram and others. EOMYS trainers assist in the setting up of the measurements and enlighten their theoretical background. Another important entry point is the emphasis on fault analysis and noise reduction techniques from a practical point of view.
Trainees are also invited to bring their own measuring equipment (e.g. data acquisition system, accelerometer), to personalize the practical workshop even more. At the end of the workshop, each trainee receives the theoretical workshop support, free access to e-NVH pedagogical videos gathered by EOMYS consultants and R&D engineers, as well as raw data in Dewesoft format allowing them to further post-process with Dewesoft free post-processing software.

Registration is possible on our Training website or please contact directly Anne Trummer.

Face to face conferences

The whole EOMYS team is glad to announce that at the end of the year we will again participate in face to face conferences and exhibitions. Two major events are waiting for us:

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  • In December, EOMYS will participate in the first edition of the London EV Show, held from December 7-9. Jean Le Besnerais is going to give a speech within a comprehensive conference, entitled "Noise and vibration design of EV: challenges & solutions for e-NVH simulation & testing". We are looking forward to an interactive, broad and enriching platform for the ongoing development of the global EV sector.
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On-site appointments can be arranged in advance with pleasure.

Further conferences

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